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Printing Inks


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Since 1944, US Polymers-Accurez has grown to become one of the most trusted companies within the specialty resins market. Our devotion to unrivaled quality and a scrupulous commitment to developing the world’s highest performing resins has catapulted us onto the radar of every major consumer in the protective coatings and printing ink sector.

We have solutions to wide a range of needs including:

Protective Coatings

  • solvent-, water- or bio-based resins
  • phenolic modified tung oil varnishes
  • epoxy esters
  • alkyds
  • polyester polyols and specialty additives

Printing inks including

  • plasticizers
  • film formers
  • semi-film formers
  • adhesion promoters
  • pigment dispersants and more

Let our resins become your solution.

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Our experienced chemists are here to work one-on-one with your team to develop new formulations, improve the performance of existing formulations, or reduce the cost of resins you currently use.

Complete the form above to have free consultation with one of our specialists.

Or call us at 314-638-1632

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Over last 10 years, USPA has retained 94.7% of its top customers.

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USPA’s veteran chemists will help you develop new formulations, improve existing ones or reduce cost of those in use.

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USPA proudly serves world’s leading coatings and inks companies and has for decades.

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