Phenolic Tung Oil Varnishes – Valtex Product Series

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Phenolic Tung Oil Varnishes - Valtex Product Series
ProductUseDescriptionViscosityColorAcid ValueSolids ± 2 (%)SolventApplication
HPP F-8563-13-100Wood Stain/Wood Treatment VehicleWater Reducible Oil DispersionZ3-Z610 Max50 Max100--APEO Free, Quantitative Penetration, Inherent Stability, Crosslinkable with PAZ for Improved Chemical Resistance
HPP F-9653-19-100Wood StainsWater Reducible Modified OilV-Y11 Max75 Max100--Novel Penetration Mechanism, Rapid Dry and Coats Wet Wood
Valtex 105-HSWoodWood Flooring PolymerT-V12 Max--70Mineral SpiritsExcellent SPAR Varnish for Wood, Good Dry Time and Excellent Water Resistance, Makes High Gloss Clears for Wood
Valtex 117-HAlkyd Modifier & Stand Alone Vehicle for Metal PrimerBlending Polymer to Fortify Alkyd SystemsM-P12 Max--55VM&P •
Mineral Spirits
Blending Polymer to Fortify Integrity of Alkyds, Good for Applications Requiring Food Chemical Resistance (Half Phenolic)
Valtex 312PlasticsPolymer with Adhesion to PlasticsD-F12 Max--50VM&P •
Mineral Spirits
Designed to Withstand Humidity Without Discoloration or Whitening Clear Coat
Valtex 327-55Utility Varnish • Paints (Interior/Exterior) • Roofing, Chain Link PasteLong Oil AlkydZ6-Z86 Max10 Max70Isoparrifinic Solvent (Odorless)A Medium Long Oil Varnish for Interior and Exterior Air-Dry Applications. Improves Water, Chemical and Abrasion Resistance of Any Coating to Which It Is Applied.
Valtex 389Wrinkle FinishCourse or Christmas Tree Wrinkle PolymerO-P11 to 13--63VM&P • NaphthaAir Dry and Bake, Course or Christmas Tree Wrinkle
Valtex 536Wood FlooringSPAR VarnishE-H13 Max--53Mineral SpiritsPremium SPAR Varnish / Wood Flooring / Wood Railing Polymer

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