Phenolic Tung Oil Varnishes – Valtex Product Series

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Phenolic Tung Oil Varnishes - Valtex Product Series
ProductUseDescriptionViscosityColorAcid ValueSolids ± 2 (%)SolventApplication
Valtex 105-HSWoodWood flooring polymerT-V12 Max70Mineral SpiritsExcellent SPAR varnish for wood, good dry time and excellent water resistance, makes high gloss clears for wood
Valtex 117-HAlkyd modifier & stand-alone vehicle for metal primerBlending polymer to fortify alkyd systemsR-T11 Max55VM&P, mineral spiritsBlending polymer to fortify integrity of alkyds. Good for applications requiring food chemical resistance (half phenolic)
Valtex 312PlasticsPolymer with adhesion to plasticsD-F12 Max50VM&P, mineral spiritsDesigned to withstand humidity without discoloration or whitening clear coat
Valtex 389Wrinkle finishCourse or Christmas tree wrinkle polymerO-P11 to 1363VM&P, naphthaAir dry and bake
Valtex 536Wood flooringSPAR varnish/ stand alone polymerE-H13 Max53Mineral spiritsPremium SPAR varnish / wood flooring / wood railing polymer
Valtex 589DTMMetal primerB-E14 Max50Mineral spiritsMeets ASSHO M 69-70 aluminum mixing varnish type 1 /open for 2 hrs. over spray
Valtex 727Alkyd modifierBlending polymer to fortify alkyd systemsX-Z10 Max55Aromatic 100 mineral spiritsBlending polymer to fortify integrity of alkyds, good for applications requiring food chemical resistance (2/3 phenolic) great for flooring applications
Valtex 728Resin for metal primersPhenolic tung- linseed oil varnishL-N12 Max60Mineral spiritsDesigned for brush, spray, roller applications
Valtex 865Caulk applicationsCaulking polymer premium puttyF-G13 Max55Mineral spiritsEngineered for caulking products, adheres very well to wood
Valtex 8548Wood stainsGilsonite / linseed oil varnish500 - 1500 cPsBlack42Mineral spiritsDeep dark color
Specialty Modifiers & Additives
ProductUseDescriptionViscosityColorAcid ValueSolids ± 2 (%)SolventApplication
Valtex 2266Dispersion resin for corrosion protectionMost chemically resistant dispersion resin in the market. Organic/inorganic copolymer with zinc oxideSemi-solidOff white52Mineral spiritsQuick dry, provides improved adhesion chemical resistance, flexibility, for protective coatings

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