Specialty Modifiers & Additives

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Specialty Modifiers & Additives
ProductUseDescriptionViscosityColorAcid ValueSolids ± 2 (%)SolventApplication
Co-Co-Rez 70-MS-1Grinding VehicleGrinding Vehicle for Pigmented Solvent Based SystemsH-I12 Max-70Mineral SpiritsBroadest Range of Compatibility for Any Solvent Based Grinding Resin. Use of ONE Resin for All Solvent Based Products
Synstock-4341Industrial LubricantHigh Performance Industrial LubricantW-X1 Max-100-Engineered Blend of Synthetic Hydrocarbons Specifically for Oils and Greases
Valtex-2266Dispersion Resin for Corrosion ProtectionMost Chemically Resistant Dispersion Resin in the Market. Organic/Inorganic Copolymer with Zinc OxideSemi-SolidOff White-52Mineral SpiritsQuick Dry, Provides Improved Adhesion Chemical Resistance, Flexibility, for Protective Coatings
W2K-2000Surfactant for 2K UrethanesEmulsifies Conventional IsocyanateZ5-Z73 Max6 Max100-Surfactant for Water Reducible Polyester Polyol Systems. Low Odor, Zero VOC, Non-HAPS

Not Finding What You Need?

The list above contains our most popular products, but it represents only a fraction of what we can offer. If you don't find a product here that meets your specific needs, please contact us to learn about other products in our portfolio or to have us work up a custom formulation that will address your unique requirements.