US Polymers – Accurez, LLC formulates and manufactures a full line of:

Our veteran chemists and technologists are highly regarded, dedicated problem solvers.  They do their best work when they can closely collaborate with customers to tackle difficult performance challenges.  We have a proven track record of enhancing the effectiveness of our customer’s current formulation or reducing its cost without sacrificing performance.

We provide an ideal blend of sophisticated formulation, flexibility, agility, reliability and incredibly prompt customer service.

When your customers demand urgent turnaround, or unexpected changes make deadlines tight, we respond quickly and work with you to find the optimal solution.


Contact one of our skilled chemists today and partner with US Polymers-Accurez to design the formulation that provides functional cost-effective results.

Our experienced chemists work one-on-one with customers to develop new formulations, improve the performance of existing ones, or reduce the cost of resins you currently use.

Customer Support

USPA’s veteran chemists will help you develop new formulations, improve existing ones or reduce cost of those in use.

Customer Service

USPA proudly serves the world’s leading coatings and inks companies and has for decades.

Customer Loyalty

Over last 10 years, USPA has
retained 94.7% of its top customers.

Industries We Serve

Since 1944 US Polymers-Accurez’s formulations have been providing useful, functional solutions to a range of industries:


Direct to Metal


Package Printing

Industrial Equipment